June 29, 2020

#23 - Eden Restored (Part IV - FAST FORWARD)

In the beginning, we read in Genesis about the creation of the heavens and the earth and how God planted man in the Garden of Eden; a perfect paradise created for man to have dominion over throughout his life. But we all know the story of Adam and Eve and the temptation from the serpent to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil - an act that God forbade, which banished them from the garden. And ever since then, man has suffered from the darkness of sin, and we have all have since been banished due to our iniquity. But it is God's desire to restore us to the Garden of Eden, and this time it will be better because we will not face temptation and sin in our future glorious home. In this episode, we discuss Eden Restored and outline what God has planned to restore us to his original master plan.

As we end Part III of our Past, Present, and Future series, we are focusing on the Future in this season titled Fast Forward. In this season, we are looking forward in our walk with Christ and the spiritual realm. 

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