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June 10, 2020  

Episode #20 - Heaven and Hell, Pt1 (Part I - FAST FORWARD)

June 10, 2020

As we start Part III of our Past, Present, and Future series, we are focusing on the Future in this season titled Fast Forward. In this season, we are looking forward in our walk with Christ and the spiritual realm. We are starting by discussing the reality of Heaven and Hell. There is a lot of content to cover in regards to these two places, so this episode will be split into two parts. 

In this episode, we are focusing on the reality of Hell, and in the next episode we will focus on the glory of what is to come for believers in Heaven. This episode is a little heavier than previous episodes, but it is important to discuss all aspects of what the future holds for both believers and non-believers. I hope you find some encouragement in this episode that Hell was not meant for us, and that we do not have to go there so long as we accept Christ in our life, and live according to the Word of God.